(XCK) ExplodingCryptoKitties is LIVE

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…ExplodingCryptoKitties!

The game works like this:

  • You receive ExplodingCryptoKitties (XCK) ERC-721 tokens from Bastet, the Goddess of the ExplodingCryptoKitties. Just post your address and I’ll send you some.
  • YOU HAVE 24 HOURS (or less) to send your XCK to someone else, or else you risk all your kitties exploding.
  • IF you send your XCK to someone else within 24h (or less)…you get 10x per XCK sent as a reward!
  • Bastet, Goddess of the ExplodingCryptoKitties, is an Oracle. Whenever she damn well pleases, she can invoke the Power of the Oracle and check to see… Have You Sent Your Kittehs? …which in turn either explodes your kitties or multiplies them. May the Oracle have mercy.

Steps to play
Basically the goal is to compile the code, then load the contract that’s been deployed to Rinkeby in order to publicly interact with it.

  1. Go to https://remix.ethereum.org
  2. On the Home tab, click on “import from Gist”, and import this gist
  3. On the Home tab, click to load the Solidity environment
  4. In the File explorer, click on the newly imported file, explodingCryptoKitties.sol
  5. In the Solidity compiler, click to “Compile explodingCryptoKitties.sol” (the Solidity Compiler: 0.5.1+commit.c8a2cb62 should automatically be selected.)
  6. Click on Ethereum-like button, like the image below
  7. Switch the Environment at the top to “Injected Web3”, and make sure you have Metamask enabled with some ether in it on the Rinkeby Test Network! Ether available using this faucet.
  8. DO NOT HIT DEPLOY. We want to load the existing contract on Rinkeby, not deploy a new one otherwise we won’t be able to interact very well with one another.
  9. Paste in the contract address in the “At Address” field, then click the “At Address” button to load the contract!
    a. Contract Address: 0xe6b067382998f8f096cd8142f2234d18a8773615
  10. Use the balanceOf field along with your address to see your balance. It’ll be zero until I get you some XCK.
  11. Use txKitteh to transfer some XCK to another person!

P.S. You can try transmitting tokens with just Metamask, but I don’t think it’s capable of transferring NFTs. Or at least it didn’t work when I tried.

P.P.S. The source code can be found in this gist.

P.P.P.S. The balances of all hodlers can be found in this rich list.

Edit: I didn’t know it was required to compile the contract in order to work with a contract already deployed, so edited steps to include importing a gist. Also added step to compile.

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OK, I’ve sent out some XCK to the following addresses! May the Kittehs be with meow.

@leogold.br : 0xC1Bc7FAD10739B86cE34b2FB8C99C00fceC15BC6 (confirmation)

@Axiom : 0x18882B3b2b65359558DAefe07e525a24A71b06a0 (confirmation)

@pkrasam 0x2a130c6c33107a14077b4d5261f8ebb65b908779 (confirmation)

That’ll get things started!

Sent out more XCK to the following:

Hi @Russ57! I sent some XCK to your address! 0xdfa54817208a5df62de7754826d6322c3c7a41c4 (confirmation)

Hi @tintin, here are some exploding kittehs! 0xcF6affDAED160fA25235F39bFbF824151fea8664 (confirmation)

Hi @afzal, some explodingCryptoKitties are coming your way! 0x3b9aF4eEb1EdA70ef6CAe8a170e8ECFde6B0D36d (confirmation)

If anyone else wants XCK, feel free to post your address.

This is hilarious!!! Way to go Nathan!

@bilal Will you play ExplodingCryptoKitties with me? I’ve sent 2 XCK to your address 21accf37d431d54d1f8126d9e5c2141388a0125e (confirmation 1, confirmation 2)

Also kinda cool seeing the XCK token on the Non-Fungible Token Tracker:

Edit: Maybe the steps above are too complicated for others to play…when in reality perhaps I need to be more patient. When you mentioned to “interact with each of the participants Smart Contracts”, is this what you had in mind? It is not necessarily an easy process to interact with someone else’s contract unless a custom frontend is built and deployed.

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HAHAHA! this is awesome! I just sent some kitties!

@ali.oukhrid !! I sent you an Exploding Kitty!!!
You have 24 hours to follow up with these instructions from @nathanjmartin!

Thanks! I can’t wait to see if I get my 10X XCK back, Nathan will these also expire unless I send it out?

It wasn’t hard to follow the instructions, and I think it’s something our community should learn to get familiar with! Also, what would it take to build a web3 front for this :)? I have some ideas for fun viral things we can do with it :slight_smile:

Wow, it works, I now have 21 XCK!

Haha, awesome!! Thanks for trying everything out!

So there is no explicit, programmatic 24 hour limit—I investigated it and didn’t feel like also implementing an Alarm Clock or similar functionality…soooooo what really happens is that the owner of the contract is Bastet, and only Bastet can call the bastetOracle function, which does all the exploding and smart stuff. Which leads me to my next question…how were you able to get 21 XCK when I, Bastet, never summoned bastetOracle? My guess is that you pressed the Oracle button to try it out and got your 10x per coin! What that means is that you are Bastet and as such must have created a new contract at a different address (versus loading an existing one). It’s great for playing with, to feel the power of Bastet! The XCK you sent to Ali were in fact for another contract…confirmed that by checking the transaction hash and seeing that the address was different. I love how easy Remix makes this very complicated technology! Thank you for playing with it :+1:

So I sent one more XCK to you, and if using the contract I created at 0x765dc7c7e032c571db7eaab8d60c5c362d9649e5, you should see that you now have 3x XCK! (confirmation)

As soon as just one person (which could be you!) sends an XCK, I’d love to use the Power of the Oracle!

Here’s what I would expect to happen: my balance would increase by 10x per XCK I sent…so I’d expect to have a balance of over 100 XCK!! I sent a lot of exploding kitties :slight_smile:. Bilal, if you sent out your 3 XCK, you’d get 30! Anyone else who hasn’t transferred their kittehs since the last time the Oracle was called or Bastet checked…should see them explode! In that case, I’d expect a few people’s kittehs to explode, but not everyone’s. It’s designed so that either a reward is given to the previous owner for successful transfer or the kittehs explode, but not both.

Yeah, I think I totally started a new contract, I would like to try loading a contract! Thanks for putting this together :)!

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I see you sent 3 transactions, and they’ve all been pending for over an hour on the Ropsten test network. I found a link that said Ropsten is dead, use Rinkeby so I’m going to update the instructions and re-send coins. Since no one else besides you and I have ever interacted with the contract, nobody will ever know the difference! :wink: Also note that I usually only send the confirmation URL once it has been approved, but FYI Rinkeby seems faster and more reliable.

Okay, here’s a few Rinkeby XCK’s!
Confirmation 1
Confirmation 2
Confirmation 3

I think it’s funny how I ended up sending you these XCK. I only started out with 1, then I sent it to you Bilal, then I called bastetOracle, and then got 11 XCK…then I sent you 2 more of them haha, and the process continues.

@nathanjmartin @bilal I want to participate mate …are we using Ropsten or Rinkeby …can you send me some xck here: 0x2a130c6c33107A14077b4D5261F8EbB65b908779

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Awesome! I just sent you some. We are using Rinkeby now, and the instructions have been updated!! Edit: Here’s another XCK!

Hello nathan,

Would you mind sending two XCK to the address below?


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Hi @Justintheblock! DONE. You are now the owner of your very own XCK!

I actually don’t have any more! I sent them all out, you got my last one. You know what that means right?

IT MEANS :cat: BASTET :cat2: NEEDS TO SUMMON THE ORACLE. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything because I just transferred it to you. Let’s see how the allocations change!

Here’s the token allocation before the summoning:

and here’s the allocation now!:

Ok…now that I have a few extra, here’s another one! And another. And another. Have fun!

Note: If you are seeing TX failures, either try again or increase the gas fee!

All your kittehs got EXPLODED since the switch to Rinkeby…but I appreciate all your help from the old days of Ropsten! So here’s 5 XCK. That link includes all the transactions related to your address! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the XCK,

I have reciprocated Bastet’s gifts (each unique) kitten 12, 13, 14 and 15 movements are listed below for anyone to follow.

Kitten 12 https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0x5cf65f8356207b5ae4562b3fa16ab8491858e084e0318b65827454b07504555c

Kitten 13

Kitten 14

Kitten 15

Thank you for creating this exponential contract!

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Thank you for sending some back! Bastet will be pleased.