Plastic Recycling Receptacle

This idea is a bit far fetched but I would like to throw it out there.

A lot of people drive around in trucks looking for scrap metal to collect and get paid for recycling the metal. Many Homeless people rely on collecting plastic bottles for the deposit return. The value of plastic is very minuscule per lb, but there is a lot of plastic everywhere, some is littering our streets while a lot is just thrown out cause it is deemed worthless and ends up in a dump instead of being recycled.

The idea here is to create a value to the plastic, so people are more inclined to recycle plastic more. The ELK can provide the connectivity to achieve an automated collection and payment system for recycling the plastic. I would like to propose a plastic recycling receptacle powered by ELK.

First we would need to know who is recycling, that can be determined though scanning a QR code of the recycling persons wallet address, when they start the recycling process.

The receptacle would then need to identify the plastic type. Some recycling facilities use spectrometry to determine plastic types, those sensors can be connected to the ELK, also computer vision can be used to identify the imprinted plastic type symbol if one is available.

The next step would be to measure the amount of plastic being recycled, which will require a scale that can also be connected to the ELK.

Now that type, amount, who has been determined, the receptacle can then accept the plastic, sort, and grind. The person recycling will then have an automated payment sent to their wallet based on the value at the time of recycling. Since the payment will be sent as a cryptocurrency the payments can be any size (less than a penny) and eventually a lot of small payments can add up encouraging people to recycle as much plastic as they possibly can. Currently small amounts of plastic have no value and there is no motivation to collect plastic like people collect metal.

As an IOT device when the receptacle is near full is can send a signal for pickup by whomever is maintaining the receptacle or if the receptacle needs repairs or maintenance.

The Block chain can also provide data to determine the impact the receptacles as a whole or individually are having in reducing plastic in our environment.

Hopefully a device as such can motivate people to manage their waste responsibly.


Nice! That sounds like a real business.