K3l's public key and address

public key:

Weird thing though, when I ‘geth account import priv’, I got a different address :confused: which is not normal. I used an online generator for keccak: https://leventozturk.com/engineering/sha3/. I re run several time my command lines to generate pub and private keys, to get rid of the 00 or 04 at the beginning and have been careful with putting the right parameters in the online generator. Any idea of where it could come from ?

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Yes, the issue is probably with encoding, what are the command line tools expecting and what are you giving it. If you import as bytes it might be expecting that, I’m not 100% - double check. Otherwise the one that is right is the one from Geth. You can see other people’s efforts at Vishal's public key to see how he used the online generator, perhaps he had to encode or decode and then encode to make sure it matches.

Good luck!

Oh I just got it ! I followed tintin’s comment here for the online generator part ([Tutorial] Make your own Ethereum Address From Scratch) but I didn’t pay attention to the fact that only the last 50 characters should match. They do ! Thanks for your help Bilal !


Awesome! And thanks @tintin for posting that helpful content!

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And yallah! Onto the next step of the assignment, create a shared secret with someone else who posted their public key and share an encrypted story!

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Glad I could be of help.


Using your publicKey, I have encrypted a message for you to decrypt.

Here is the encrypted message for your next steps:

{iv: “71c26ea7b42cccf63cd2dbc9694899b2”, ephemPublicKey: “042b2571b18bb7bcabb65b57e5a256ceba35caf201383129eb38e452c587f4097f5ef6ec48678897bc66665935864b653dd6d5a7eac46915604425823586f46c54”, ciphertext: “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”, mac: “9550fe573600cb5f318431619e4b808abb3373a8c53bd607fa8565cfc5f4f67e”}

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