Ideas for IoT Smart Contracts from Week 2 Smart Contracts Talk

Hi all! Here are the ideas you came up with!

10:40:02 From Revathi Kannan : may be adding more security layer, to IOT
10:40:17 From russ57 : your device would be hooked up to devices that then can be controlled via contracts
10:40:23 From Ernesto : If owner = Mr. X, if time = 6:00 pm, then turn lights on?
10:40:24 From Noor Hashem : machine identities
10:40:38 From nathan : Immutable self-executing code
10:40:40 From nathan : ?
10:44:42 From nathan : Public utilities and infrastructure: control water, electricity generation, etc
10:44:44 From Gilles : Automatic payment when entering an area
10:45:08 From Gilles : Automatic money back when leaving the area
10:45:13 From vishal : automated hotel rooms
10:45:43 From ANC : pay energy comsumption
10:45:51 From Gilles : Automatic rental when using
10:45:58 From Tom : Monitor implantable medical sensor with wireless link to guartanee that health record can’t be altered and results stored in blockchain
10:45:58 From nathan : Small community decides they don’t want control of water utilities under centralized control, so they create secure IoT + smart contract to begin flow
10:46:08 From J.Spellman : IoT Jordan/sneakers tracking auth.
10:47:00 From ANC : moitoring a process and send alarms

I’m sure we can come up with more ideas…also feel free to expand on the ideas you came up with here :slight_smile:


Wow, some really interesting ideas here … @RevathiKannan @Russ57 @Ernesto @noorhashem @nathanjmartin @GdB @TomBee @Axiom @ANC @vishal

Thanks for capturing and sharing this w/ the wider community @nathanjmartin

I would like few ideas to our list

  • Switch On my lawn sprinklers, based on maximum sunshine/temperature for the day, that is sourced from a sensor or oracle

  • Get elk like tokens, when I am able to keep blood glucose at a certain level, based on CGM reading

  • Road Toll automatically paid from my wallet, when the elk board senses the sound &/or readers on highway

I’ve been super curious about this…would an IoT device technically become an oracle? It has the potential to definitively answer many questions like this… I could see the need for an additional “oracle service” to process and interpret the answer.

Wow! I love your idea of “gamifying” health!

I’ve seen a prototype of exactly this! It wasn’t the link below, but something similar. They had a prototype working with a Tesla, and it also automated charging the “vehicle as a wallet”.

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