Heitor's public key

Hopefully I still have time to catchup :slight_smile:

My publickey:

My address:

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Welcome @Heitor! Some of our ultra friendly BCamepers will be able to help you with that :slight_smile: @pkrasam @tintin @nathanjmartin :)!

Hey Heitor. Decrypt this message and some DCBs are waiting for you.


A good way to start is the community posts and this sandbox. All the best.

Welcome aboard @Heitor …looking forward to learning from you mate.

Thank you @tintin for sending a decrypted message and some dcb

I have sent some cal and eth to @Heitor …let us know how we can further help you w/ your bootcamp journey mate.

cal tx dtls

eth tx dts

@tintin using the sandbox code you sent I’m unable to retrieve your message.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong but using my privateKey and your json should be enough to decrypt it, right? no results are shown in the console…

That is weird. Almost everyone who completed the first assignment used the same code. Make another sandbox with your code and share the link. Just hide your private key.

Try this mate @Heitor