Elkswap -- An IoT Mixer

Introducing Elkswap – An IoT Mixer

Drawing my inspiration from this interesting service/smart contract for Ethereum Mixer using Ring Signatures, I thought what if we built An IoT Mixer powered by Elk boards :wink:

I tested Heiswap and it works.

Anyone else in the community interested it trying out Heiswap with me.

Thinking out loud here, not sure if it makes sense, or technically feasible – happy to be guided by our community members here.

Imagine a scenario, where we had to communicate with our Elk boards and they had to communicate with other IoT devices, and sometimes with other Elk boards via a blockchain network (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Plus pay for the machine services provided using ELK or BTC or ETH, but the requirement is to shield the sender/receiver address for privacy reasons/purposes.

What if we are able to implement something like Heiswap on our Elk boards â€ĶI am giving it a work-in-progress name ElkSwap

Stop me if you think I am crazy and this idea is not going to work.

On the contrary, if you think this has some legs, I am looking to collaborate with other members in our community.

Heiswap Article

Heiswap Exchange

Heiswap Github

Deployed Smartcontract

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