Elk is now on Kickstarter!

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to be sharing with you that Elk is now on Kickstarter. Checkout our campaign page.

We’ll also be hosting another version of this bootcamp in a few days. Any feedback from your previous bootcamp experience is more than welcome :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Thank you all for your efforts and for creating this community.
I already started tweeting about it @Gillesde https://mobile.twitter.com/Gillesde

Although it would be a lot of work on your part, you may want to keep having regular online meetings to keep us on our toes (monthly ???, 1 hour ???).

Your funding goal being already reached as of today, you may also add incentives with higher goals - like new SW/HW functionalities or enclosure box or solar power supply, etc.


@GdB I love that idea! Any ideas on the higher incentives? @Justintheblock @nathanjmartin @pkrasam @BC_Bootcamp_19 folk!?

I also wanted to let everyone know that Nathan won last week’s Elk and we’re planning on running a new bootcamp soon :slight_smile:

Oh, as a joke I got decentiot.com which links to the kickstarter campaign - I thought it was fun :slight_smile:!
Have a nice day


@bilal let me have a think over the weekend and come back w/ some potential suggestions. Love the decentio.com domain …what else can we do w/ this domain. Potentially a simple landing page w/ links to our website, kickstarter, bootcamp, forum, twitter feed, etc. etc.

@GdB if you fancy, we can get started and self-organise ourselves …and anyone can join us. Would you prefer once a month, for an hour | or | twice a month? We can potentially do something like Rust Reading Group

@ielashi I am itching to play w/ our Elk board. Is there anything we can tinker with …potentially a simulator of some sorts?


@GdB What do you think about shields (sensors,actuators) a STMlink debugger shield to debug the microcontrollers code?

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@ielashi the link you posted goes to the Particle Electron!! I have that board!! I think you meant this link :slight_smile:

I’d imagine a debugger would be invaluable given decent-IoT is new technology! Giving users the ability to decouple hardware from software problems seems like a great idea.

A few other potential incentive ideas:

  • a vs-code plugin
  • rust bindings :wink:
  • recipe for Ethereum cookies
  • more sensors and actuators are always fun
  • creation of an Elk community projects site

Oh wow it was a late night hahaha :smiley: Thanks for catching this, @nathanjmartin. Fixed!

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Great ideas! A vs-code plugin is already in the works :slight_smile: Any particular sensors or actuators that come to mind? And, would you envision an Elk community projects site that’s different from the current one?

Wonderful! Thanks so much for your support, @GdB!

Funny, we actually the exact same format here with our Cairo Blockchain Researchers meetup. Per @GdB’s suggestion, I think it would be great to have recurring sessions. Any particular topics that come to mind to discuss in these sessions?

That’s a great idea, and would be useful for people to contribute to our SDK once it’s open source as well. Looking into it and will share updates :slight_smile:

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  • Many ideas, so little time! :slight_smile:
  • Most would involve a lot more work from Elk.
  • I like everything nathanjmartin proposed, and especially:.
    • vs-code plugin
    • recipe for Ethereum cookies
    • creation of an Elk community projects site

Also very interesting are the shields you proposed, in the form of independent components. An enclosure with temper-alert (switch linked to a HW interrupt), solar panel and battery for a no-maintenance system, baseboard with connectors to plug in at least 10 shields, etc.

Maybe, in the future:

Lastly, the " Elk is now on Kickstarter!" topic is becoming difficult to follow and may be split into specific topics, like “Higher Kickstarter incentives”, “Community groups”, etc.

I guess I just added months or years of work to your schedule :frowning:


The boot camp was great. As a boot camp is supposed to do, it forced us to be there, participate, research and work by ourselves to finish our weekly home work - all good things.
The audio/video link worked remarkably well given that I am on the West coast of the USA.

Sometimes, after being stuck for some time (minutes, hours or days), I felt that a cheat sheet would have been welcome. Maybe, publishing the recipes of the previous week’s home work would help people who had a hard time to finish or could not finish.

It would be nice to do a few things (coding, creating a wallet, etc.) in real time as a group, and that would certainly involve installing tools before the weekly call.

As people are using Windows, Apple and Linux, and the work includes installing new tools that may conflict with other tools already installed, recipes should include those variations. Maybe starting with either a VM or containers would help make the installations cleaner.

Timing of the call will also be an issue and you can’t please everyone. My time slot was 1 PM on Sunday.

Thanks again for this great boot camp.

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That’s a good idea. nathanjmartin was also interested so I am adding him to the answer.

I like the reading groups and meetups listed:

Before deciding on time/dates/locations/medium/etc., we may want to:

What do you think?

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I love these suggestions. Especially supporting the community to host their own “hacking hours” to get together and work in realtime and publishing results from the previous week.
Thanks @GdB!

Oh wow! this is an awesome idea :heart_eyes: Thanks @nathanjmartin

Yeah, we just need to prioritize the ideas by usefulness :wink:, also the enclosure with tamper proof is awesome :+1: but it would require a lot of security research for the returned value to the users.

Written down on our list thanks @GdB :wink:

@pkrasam I also support the simulator, This would be extremely helpful for development and for people just starting out to be able to troubleshoot and visualize what is happening especially if the simulator is connected to a test-net.

@bilal As for additional KS packages. maybe ELK can provide private sessions with ELK engineers, for anyone that has projects that may require someone with a deeper understanding of the ELK to implement. Also a 1 on 1 with ELK support for beginners KS package. A wireless KS package with a BT/NFC shield. I was wondering if the USB port will support OTG? I also wanted to confirm that ELK is removing the SD card slot for 8GB persistent storage?


I guess VS Code plug-in and debugger will be the same.

For ease of discovery purpose, you may also look at adding an Elk section to other popular sites like
or of course a brand new site fully dedicated to Elk like