Elk --- Dark Integration

Some of you might be across this new language in the making Dark

@ielashi @bilal can we explore the possibility of potentially integrating Elk w/ Dark?

I can help if there is interest from community and support from HQ.

They are currently looking at two use-cases atm, and I reckon might benefit from both.

The first is backends for client apps, such as mobile apps, or single page web apps written in React, Vue, Angular, etc. If you’re a frontend/mobile developer who is dissatisfied with how hard it is to make a backend, you’ll probably like Dark.

The second is building new services in existing microservice-based architectures. Building a new service means signing up for a future of yaml files, deployment pipelines, 2am pages, zero-day security alerts, and eternal maintenance. If you’re looking at new languages and tools (such as Lambda) to reduce this burden, then Dark should help. That’s what Dark is built for, allowing you to build backend services with little-to-no scaling and maintenance overhead.


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Interesting @pkrasam, haven’t heard of Dark before. I assume Dark is a generic programming language and not tied to a decentralized protocol of some sort like Solidity, is that correct? Any particular use-cases that you have in mind?

I think this ups up the priority for us to have an emulator up and running ASAP so that we can allow you and other developers to tinker and contribute to the SDK. We’ll share a timeline on that as soon as we can :slight_smile:

@ielashi one of the reasons we haven’t heard much of them yet, is because they just came out of stealth.

Based on what I can comprehend from their website and blogs, they are calling themselves holistic language | deploy less.

Here is a picture of a typical deployment process and how they have managed to drastically reduce it.

I have reached out to dark core team, requesting for an alpha access and i think they are expected to do a big splash launch on 13-Sep-2019 – here is the link for anyone who might be interested in attending.


Given we don’t have a full grasp of elk SDK, what is available now and what is on the roadmap, I can only speculate.


  • Assuming we are able to run a Ethereum client on elk board, what if we need to build an API, where:
  • input: account-address
  • output: meta data & transaction data from the blockchain ledger


  • Assuming we are able to extend the elk SDK beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • We need an easier way to integrate them into elk SDK
  • Wish list of few other elk-protocol integration …handshake, spacemesh, coda, celo, certik


  • WIP
  • I reckon we will be able to come up with more use-cases after we’ve had a chance to dig into what dark is capable
  • So I will keep my updates here in this thread, and we can pick it up when we are ready
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