Decentralized 3D Printing/Milling

The ELK has connectivity to a several robust decentralized networks, and it has an Arduino layer, would it be possible to use those features to make a decentralized 3D printer or milling machine, where the end user can search libraries of prints and purchases them from the author that posted them directly (P2PPrintServ).

  1. My first question is how do you protect the content of the author?

  2. Will the hardware support 20+ hour prints, and also restarting in case of power or any other interruptions?

  3. Can a built in defective or failed print detection and fair smart contract resolution system be implemented for one time prints or will the purchasers own the right to print through the smart contract and can print the model whenever they want?

  4. Can decentralized print servers create an ecosystem for freelance 3D modelers?

  5. Can an easy swap kit be sold for current popular 3d printers and current milling machines?

  6. Can the decentralized printing or milling machine create an ecosystem for ebay/amazon suppliers to provide custom or restoration car parts among other goods, on demand?

  7. Can a printing standard be created so prints are more likely guaranteed?

  8. What industries can benefit from decentralized printing?

  9. Would the project require its own protocol (EIPS)?

  10. Can decentralized printing be applied to paper for legal records?

  11. On a scale of 1-10 how interested are people in a project like this?


I am definitely interested in having this discussion. Bre - founder of Makerbot - used to say charge for atoms, not bits. That the digital design, like MP3’s and other things, are impossible or hard to monetize and because of the benefit of remixing should essentially be open - that bits are so cheap we shouldn’t try to monetize books, ideas, songs, or anything else that can get digitized. I’m not convinced.
People pay for experiences - isn’t reading a good book an experience?
It’s an interesting idea - would love to hear more voices!

Decentralized copyrights exist. I had seen one a while ago. This one isn’t the one I saw originally, but I bet there’s more than 1 way!

You’d need to build the supporting circuitry. The MCU is more than likely capable, but external hardware required.

What an awesome idea! I’d say yes with a combination of projects something like Althea and a marketplace built on District0x, e.g. Ethlance.

I think everything on your list is doable, and I don’t think a new protocol EIPS would even need to be invented. It all seems doable to me…just requires blood, sweat and tears. Welcome to the revolution.

Thank you for the suggestions,

The idea of freelance 3D modelers was inspired by the gitcoin you pointed me to last week.

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It all seems doable, but would require substantial investment in hardware, infrastructure, facilities, humans attending the machines and verifying the work, shipping and handling, return management, non-productive humans (HR, accounting, tax management as that would be dealing with different states and countries, etc.), and of course designing new projects, advertising and selling them (using eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Google, etc.).

I don’t think the garden-variety hobby 3D-printing would be sustainable.

Some companies already do that at scale, like HP 3D printing, Carbon3D, etc.