Decent Gaming powered by ELK

This is a fun project, I was watching The Tick and he had to arm wrestle a robot in one of the episodes, he won.

I was picturing two robotic arms each with an ELK, fans can bet on the winner using a smart contract.

The contenders use their smart phone and either tap, swipe, solve puzzles, or some kind of competition while each arm struggle against each other based on who is doing better in the challenges until a winner prevails. This could be a contest at the battle bots challenges.

They also have arcade games where a person arm wrestles a robotic arm, using the ELK you can have bets and competitions with man vs machine.

There is also the claw machines in malls, where you grab a prize with a grappling claw, it looks like it could be powered by the ELK and accept ETH tokens.

A Decent Dart Board or Decent Pool Table at bars could also be a great betting/competition use case for the ELK.


@Justintheblock I like the BoB (Battle of Bots) idea …how can we get going on this?

That’s awesome. Over here at Elk we actually prototyped a Decent Basketball Hoop with betting, but dart boards and robotic arms sound much cooler :slight_smile:

The basketball hoop game help facilitate the idea, they have those at arcades. I wondering how you can implement ELK into esports also, that looks like a huge growing market.


In Section 13 they require the addition of a telemetry device, so they could require ELK integration to the rules and the designs to add the betting feature using smart contracts and tokens, this could potentially reduce overhead and complexity for creating, maintaining, and scaling a betting platform for the contest hosts. This could be a better direction than requiring the robot to solely run off the ELK board, it would also put less weight on ELK for reliability in a hostile environment, especially since it is still a prototype and hardware faults and software bugs will need to discovered.

To implement as an Arm Wrestling competition, a standard and rules would need to be created for the robot design and competition. Working with established robot competitions, would help accelerate adoption once the rules and design standards have been established. A prototype to demonstrate the concept would be great for a gofundme to develop a working competition, even if it did not integrate the ELK yet, it would also be useful to see if there is enough interest in a competition like this.

This is an open discussion so anyone’s ideas, critic, and corrections are welcome.