Claim your elk coin

I created elk coin for us to play with.

To get us started, I have sent the following participants some elk coins.


If anyone else in our community is interested in receiving some elk coins, please do share your address so I can send you some.

@nathanjmartin keen to see what you going to create with these coins let’s do something epic using these coins

@Axiom do you have any interesting ideas for using these coins

@Russ57 keen to see how you multiply these coins

@tintin love your idea on integrating whisper protocol, can we weave in these coins

Sidebar: Use the following contract address 0x8d68328942b5c0e1d4751410e035b422a0a98d05 to upload/display elk coins in your metamask wallet.


SWEEET!!! Got me some elk! Still no Ducts…yet :wink:

Thanks @pkrasam!

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Yeah, I think the Ducts are using TokenFactory - and I’m not sure what the code is behind them. Thanks for doing this @pkrasam!

Here is my address: 0xa136f4913791203ff242775B1681f636033fC163

Hi @GdB I tried sending you ETH and elk and metamask is flagging your address as invalid – did you manage to import it using geth okay, to verify you’re getting the same address in {}?

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Hi @pkrasam
Thank you for trying.

Address 0xA136f4913791203ff242775B1681f636033fC163 displays correctly in and shows a few tokens at under token holder 0xA136f4913791203ff242775B1681f636033fC163

Otherwise, I also use address 0x6fE60BBEB0ecA00e5CBe3D0115Dc4D65C4D24a9e that holds tokens under Ethereum Mainnet and Rinkeby

Thanks @GdB for sending through a new address.

I have now sent the following to the above address across two networks

Rinkeby network
ETHtx dtls

Ropsten network
ETHtx dtls
elktx dtls
dcbtx dtls

Thank you @pkrasam I received everything.