CaliforniaToken (CAL) ERC-20 token is live

Finally, I found some time to read Bilal’s post:

“Step by step tutorial on how to write your first smart contract” at

and create an ERC-20 contract on the Ropsten Testnet Network. It is called CaliforniaToken (CAL).

It is it a “Pay It Forward” type of token. Just send them to someone who deserves it, for whatever reason. You will in turn receive them when someone decides that you are worthy of receiving them, for whatever reason.

A million of them have been created. I am sending 1000 to each of you because you are a member of this community and deserve to receive them. I used the addresses I could find browsing the community’s posts, so if I missed you, please send me a request.

Go to Metamask, enter the contract address 0xe92516e348961F2cC77eF07dD3D529EBd77F5fb1, and start Paying It Forward too!

You can find the contract creation transaction at


Thank You @GdB

I have payed it forward to the following addresses

1: tx dtls
2: tx dtls
3: tx dtls
4: tx dtls
5: tx dtls
6: tx dtls
7: tx dtls
8: tx dtls
9: tx dtls
10: tx dtls

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I’ve sent half my tokens to you @GdB (0xa136f4913791203ff242775b1681f636033fc163), for your support in all those references on how to make smart contracts better!

The other half, I’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to the fine folks at the FluffyFairnessFoundation.eth on Ropsten.

Nice. :slight_smile:
I just did the same and sent 1000 CAL to FFF.

:slight_smile: I just sent you more.

The FluffyFairnessFoundation.eth wasn’t able to confirm receipt of CAL.

We see 2 recent transactions:

  • tx1, to address (0xe92516e348961f2cc77ef07dd3d529ebd77f5fb1), which appears to be the contract address
  • tx2, to address (0x2a130c6c33107a14077b4d5261f8ebb65b908779), which is pkrasam’s address

To ensure successful delivery of your next transaction to the foundation, please send CAL to the Ethereum Name Service address, FluffyFairnessFoundation.eth. Note that the name service makes it possible to send tokens to names, instead of addresses which are hard to type. I’ve registered this domain on Ropsten. Try it out! When it asks for an address, type in FluffyFairnessFoundation.eth and it’ll resolve to the appropriate address.

Your donation to the FluffyFairnessFoundation will be tax-exempt as we are a registered 501©(3) corporation, and will enable us to treat our explosive kittehs with fairness.

Is the name association from the EIP 634?

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Woohoo!!! that’s a nice feature. I didn’t know that there was an Ethereum Name Service and will read about it.
Because of that very interesting opportunity to learn, I just sent twice the amount to FFF.


The FluffyFairnessFoundation has received your CAL, and Bastet thanks you for your :cat2: GENEROUS :cat: donation!

Nope! That one looks like an extension of ENS. ENS was actually introduced much much earlier in 2016, EIP #137!

Thank you nathan,

I registered justintheblock.eth on ropsten.

I used and set metamask to ropsten testnet to search. They have an easy to follow instructions to add your resolver and your record. It takes 4 transactions to fully complete so your name is wallet friendly.

Thank you for showing me this feature.


You’re very welcome. To test it out, I just sent 557 CAL to justintheblock.eth, and it looks like it resolved! Great.

I purchased a few names on the main net also, it works almost as well, what I found was that you need to max out the gas for the registration Tx or else the smart contract runs out of gas and fails, the smart contract will only use what it needs to complete the Tx, despite the extra gas being available.

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I’m currently waiting for a tx to complete and it’s real slow! Next time I’ll add more gas. In fact, I may just set it to a higher default. I haven’t it run out of gas, but I am seeing it be slow. I may increase the gas price and raise the gas limit a bit, but I probably won’t max it out (based on my experience with my exploding cats haha).