[Assignment] Week three's assignment

Deadline: Monday Morning Beirut Time

I will be sifting through the posts to see what awesomeness has been wrought! You have been notified! Get to it and make something weird!

Today, your assignment is to run two instances of Geth and run the whisper example below!

  1. Set up Geth on your computer and whisper on your desktop.
  2. Connect with someone on: Whisper Testing Node - WORKING!
  3. Modify @jeff’s code and add something new/weird. What can we do with all of our public keys shared previously? Could we make it easier to connect to for someone without terminal access? What about EMOJI’S?! :star_struck:
  • Excited to see what you come up with. Also, what do you think should come next in the Bootcamp now the official classes are done?

Perhaps, for this week, it’s best to modify Whisper Testing Node - WORKING!
add features, get it working, and expand!

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Hello :slight_smile: ,just wanted to ask when is the deadline of the task?

and con I contact you vue email or skype? I want to do my graduation project on Elk :slight_smile:

Thank you

Sure, you can email me back on the email I just sent! Also, the deadline is on the top of this post!