Ali's public key

Public Key :

Address :

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Hello @ali.oukhrid
If you’re looking for an example for how to do the second part of the assignment, please check out this thread: Afzal's Public Key & Address from @afzal and @tintin -

As a reminder here’s step three of this week’s assignment:

Step 3: Send a secret message and decode it with another member of the community. You must use a SHARED SECRET and ALL the information must be published visibly on the community forum.

How will you create that shared secret? Use your creativity!

Perhaps you can use their public keys? So comment on someone else’s public key post and communicate with them. Perhaps you can implement a sort of diffie-hellman shared secret. Agree with them on what could be a common secret with all your communication happening publicly. Write a secret message, (make it worth the trouble, make it fun!) and publish it as a reply to their public key post. If you feel like it you can match with more than one person, perhaps you can replicate a “Whisper-like” protocol. What’s something interesting that becomes possible once you understand and implement a publicly creatbale shared secret?

Hi @ali.oukhrid

Using your publicKey, I have encrypted a message for you to decrypt.

Here is the encrypted message for your next steps:

{iv: “9b8cf0720bdde4e83ca34b24b8675de3”, ephemPublicKey: “04947703b68a21f8da8ed537a2c94df7a424063c63623a63bfefeab29a445013ed9d40c8e1d272789a2e1039407219d4d76b77887a9e9494b7db8dcfcfecbefd0e”, ciphertext: “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”, mac: “cec0959be3782ad6af0420899944ecfd688baed32ae16d8da3465f8137067c1d”}

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Aliii!! I sent you some exploding kitties

You have 24 hours to follow up with these instructions from @nathanjmartin!