Add address for Ducts Coin! DCB

First 9 addresses get 100 DCB to play with!

Need Ducts!!!


Done, sent you some Ducts!

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Looks like I still have a zero balance using the check balance feature on the contract site…I wonder if the network is just real slow?

Also shows zero on Metamask. For anyone who wants to know how to see their Ducts, just go to Menu -> Add Token, and put in the contract address like this:


Ducts please 0x18882B3b2b65359558DAefe07e525a24A71b06a0

Ducks Please:


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Score me some of those ducts please:


Hey Bilal. Sorry I could not join the webinar earlier. I’ll watch the recording and will try to understand the Smart Contracts. Please share some tokens so that I can continue with the assignment. My address is:


Hi @tintin …just sent you 1 ETH mate

Hi @Russ57 can you check to make sure you address is correct, I try sending you 1 ETH the transaction keeps failing

Hi @Russ57 sent you 1 ETH successfully

Hi @pkrasam
Thanks mate . Got it. Congratulations for the Elk board. Yooo.
I was trying to implement Whisper so that we can all share the same secret at the same time. Do you think we can do it and also make a sort of bounty program for the community? It will be a great exercise.


Comparing the transactions for Ducts versus elk coins, I see that the successful elk transfer explicitly has a “Tokens Transferred” line, while the Ducts transfer seems to have just sent tokens directly to the contract.

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Hi PK,

Will you send me some coins on my address.


Maybe a reason not to trust the “TokenFactory” site and use our own smart contract code, I’m not sure what’s going on under the hood there. Anyone want to re-make the 1000 2 decimal place ducts coin?

@afzal just sent you some elk coins

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@bilal I am happy to make 1000 ducts coins, but want to wait and see if anyone else is keen to give it a go 1st …it could be a lot of fun


Awesome, indeed! I made ducts coin using the generator and they don’t seem to be sending properly. Anyone else interested? I’m going to send another email to the list once the assignment is more clearly written out to remind people of the fun to be had before next Sunday! :slight_smile:

Thanks but i am thinking about etherium coin :joy::joy::joy::joy: anyways thanks. Right now i am outside will check my wallet later.